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LaserLAB company provides the most reliable diode laser (VCSEL, Vertical Cavity Surface Emitter Laser) and the related products, like VCSEL-pumped high-energy gain modules and VCSEL-pumped solid state lasers.VCSEL is Vertical Cavity Surface Emitter Laser, a new generation laser diode. Compared to traditional Edge Emitting diode laser (laser bar), VCSEL has several advantages, like a reduced wavelength sensitivity to temperature, increased reliability, especially at high temperatures and low-cost manufacturing. 

용도 (Application)

Nd:YAG Laser Pumping

Speckle Free 조명

Heat Treatment

Medical and Bio Stimulator

Square Beam Mode Application

야간 투시경 조명


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Standard Model & Spec

Item name wavelength output power dimension input valtage current beam mode beam dia 카트 담기 download
LS1064A 1064nm 40W(CW) Emitter Size 4.8x4.8mm 1.8V 50A Flat top 250mrad 카트 아이콘 PDF
LS980A 980nm 40W(CW) Emitter Size 4.8x4.8mm 1.8V 50A Flat top 250mrad 카트 아이콘 PDF
LS808A 808nm 50W(CW) 200W(250us,10Hz) 150W(100Hz) Emitter Size 4.8x4.8mm 2.1V 58A Flat top 250mrad 카트 아이콘 PDF
LS755A 755nm CW 30W Emitter Size 4.8x4.8mm 2.0V 50A Flat top 250mrad 카트 아이콘 PDF

스펙 설명

Heat Sink는 용도에 따라 다르며, 전원 와이어가 부착되어있다. 자세한 사용 방법을 위하여 엔지니어 지원을 받아야 한다. 

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