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Measure industrial CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers at power levels up to 5 kW. Key Features:

  • Water-cooled
  • 1W resolution
  • 50 mm aperture
  • RoHS compliant

Water-cooling and careful thermal management within these sensors enable them to deliver kW level power handling capacity. They can capably measure industrial CO2 and Nd:YAG lasers at power levels from 100W up to 5 kW.

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Standard Model & Spec

Item Name 카트 담기 Download
High Power Water-Cooled Thermopile Sensors 카트 아이콘

스펙 설명

Max Power (W)100050003000300
Active Area Diameter (mm)50505019
Wavelength Range (µm)0.19 - 110.19 - 110.19 - 110.19 - 11
Maximum Average Power Density (kW/cm²)See Apps NoteSee Apps NoteSee Apps NoteSee Apps Note
Maximum Pulse Energy Density (J/cm²)
Response Time (sec.)3030305
Calibration Uncertainty (%)3331
파장 보정(nm)106410641064514
감지기 코팅BroadbandBroadbandBroadbandBroadband
Dimensions (mm)Ø 120 x 59Ø 120 x 59Ø 120 x 59Ø 76 x 56
RoHS 준수

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