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Laser Power and Energy Meter (RoHS)

-Large, bright, backlit LCD display
-Digital accuracy with analog-like movement for laser tuning
-Works with thermopile, optical, and pyrolectric sensors
-Measures pulse energy up to 300 pps (captures every pulse)
-USB computer interface with complete host control capability (Windows Vista and Windows 7 [32 and 64 bit] compatible)
-Analog output with user selectable full-scale voltage (1,2, and 5V)
-Rechargeable battery included
-RoHS compliant

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Standard Model & Spec

Item Name 카트 담기 Download
FieldMaxII-TOP 카트 아이콘

스펙 설명

Max. Measurable Power (with thermopile sensor)30.0 kW
Max. Measurable Power (with optical sensor)300.0 mW
Max. Measurable Energy (with pyroelectric sensor)300.0J
Min. Measurable Power (with thermopile sensor)10 uW
Min. Measurable Power (with optical sensor)1 nW
Min. Measurable Energy (with pyroelectric sensor)1 nJ
Displayable Full-Scale Power Ranges (with thermopile sensor)3.000 mW to 30.00 kW (auto or manual ranging, selectable)
Displayable Full-Scale Power Ranges (with optical sensor)3.000 uW to 300.0 mW (auto or manual ranging, selectable)
Displayable Full-Scale Energy Range (with pyroelectric sensor)3.000 nJ to 300.0J (manual ranging)
Measurement Resolution0.1% of full scale
Max. Rep. Rate (pulsed energy measurement)300 Hz (every pulse)
Power Sampling Rate10 Hz
Accuracy - Digital Meter±1.0% of reading
Accuracy - SystemMeter accuracy + sensor accuracy

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